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In December 2022, Monique Tawiah quit her job working in television! Growing up she thought the news industry was the right career fit for her, but after four years in, she learned it wasn't. However, she knew that her natural and acquired skills could lead her to a fufilling job, but couldn't initially figure out what that was. She had just earned an EMMY nomination as a journalist for the original executively produced series "Mo on the Go!" She interviewed phenomenal women in science, technology, engineering, and math-related careers including an architect, a pilot, a dentist, a mechanic, a veterinarian, an educator, a realtor, a beauty company CEO, and many others. Those women helped Tawiah to learn how to successfully pitch the right angle for every story! Meanwhile, Monique also spoke to nearly 2,000 students and adults, during her tenure. She used her platform to assist all listeners in learning to aspire. This epiphany inspired her to take a career change and pursue opportunities in a field where she can make even greater impact -- motivational speaking and coaching! Monique loves to encourage listeners, especially young women, struggling with identifying their purpose and dating relationships.

Let's Get Started...

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Dr. Anbec DeShield-Mayes

 Dentist & Owner of Best Smile Dental

"You have not only helped me in my business but also emotionally find closure in my father’s passing... Thank you so much for telling our stories because you never know who the Holy Spirit is using to help heal, inspire, and uplift. "



Kwesi W. Smith, Musician & Songwriter

"I want to personally thank you for representing for so many young people, especially young women that do not realize how they can impact the world through their achievements."

Terri L. Shelton, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

"I am so impressed with who you are. You have quite a presence. The message this conveys to girls (and "big girls") is one that needs to be said. Who knows whose life trajectory you impact with this important message."
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